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Use with Commander (WRGB) Controller (*sold separately) to control color changes and other controls via App.

  • RGB lamp with especially great colouring
  • Beautiful design
  • Variable mounting system for installation on different tank sizes
  • Separatly available Controller 4 makes it possible to control the colours individually

The Chihiros WRGB is a series of LED lamps that set the colours of an aquarium in the perfect light. The lamp is suitable for aquariums or aquascapes with a high demand of light and shows the different colours plants and animals in the tank perfectly. The wide design of the lamps makes it possible to illuminate all parts of the aquarium.

As this lamp has various LEDs in different colours, a great colour rendering is possible. Additional to the wight LEDs, there are also blue, green and red ones. This allows a great colour spectrum that give the plants the best possible growth.

The different colours of the Chihiros WRGB are controlled with 4 channels. This allows the separately available Commander 4 to control the colours individually. Also, it is possible to create a customized day complete with sunrise and sunset and even a pause without using a time switch as long as both Commander 4 and WRGB are used.

Life is too short to live without the WRGB LED LIGHTS 90CM -110CM for your aquarium. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied. Keep your aquarium happy.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 09, 2021