Premium Silicone Airline Tubing 13 Ft (Neon Blue)

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Cobalt`s line of Premium Silicone Airline are ideal for any aquarium and come in various colors to distinguish what line is for what.

The natural silicone makes it resistant to kinks, hardening and breakdown.

The 4mm tube is suitable for various uses such as:

  • Air pumps
  • Dosing systems
  • CO2 reactors / injectors
  • Acclimation drips
  • ... and more!

The 13` length can easily be cut to suit your aquarium needs.

The Premium Silicone Airline Tubing 13 Ft (Neon Blue) was built for hobbyists like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021