Pe Mysis Flakes Freshwater Fish Food (50G)

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Introducing the next evolution for PE Mysis!  

PE Flakes are designed to enhance the coloration of ornamental fish and trigger an energetic feeding response. 

With their highly palatable and nutritional recipe, all PE Flakes ensure each tank inhabitant receives a well balanced diet and are the first aquarium fish food flakes to use fresh PE Mysis shrimp as its main ingredient.

Mysis shrimp are rich in protein and fatty acids. These mysis shrimp are harvested during their peak feeding time at night, with stomachs full of phytoplankton, making them an excellent food for herbivorous, omnivorous, and carnivorous fish. 


  • PE Freshwater Flakes: A nutritionally complete and color-enhancing diet for saltwater fish.
  • Formulated with fresh PE Mysis Shrimp as the leading ingredient; results in a highly palatable and digestible diet.
  • PE Mysis Shrimp is sustainability harvested by phytoplankton and zooplanktons, rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and high in protein content.
  • Contains natural immune enhancers, promoting and maintaining fish health.
  • Ideal food for a variety of freshwater fish such as tetras, angels, barbs, cichlids, danios, discus, gouramis, guppies, swordtails and more!

Feeding recommendations:

  • As a general rule, feed PE Freshwater Flakes two to three times daily as much as your fish will eat within 3 minutes.
  • Not for human consumption
The Pe Mysis Flakes Freshwater Fish Food (50G) is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it for their aquariums. Buy now!

Inventory Last Updated: May 10, 2021