Min S 500Ml

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The most important Amino acids, vital compounds, and Vitamins in one Product.

Application and dosing recommendation:
Ultra Min S is a nutrient solution and food additive, specially developed for filter feeders, corals and clams. Due to its special formula it is taken up extremely fast.

Polyps will expand much further and the protective mucus membrane of the corals will be strengthened. Greatly aides the buildup of coral tissue, nutrients will be transported into the coral/clam much more efficiently. The corals will expand and take up more particulate food (Ultra Min F), the natural coloration will be enhanced.

Ultra Min S contains all all Amino acids, Vitamins, and over 70 trace elements.
Add 3-5 ml per 1000 L (250 gal) daily, depending on nutrient concentrations in the aquarium

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