SEACHEM - Flourish Trace 250 Ml

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  • Provide a broad range of micro-nutrients (vitamins, amino acids) and micro and trace elements (iron, manganese, nickel, cobalt, etc) that will enhance plant health and growth. Signs of Trace Element Deficiencies.
  • Boron: Death of stem and root apical meristem, leaves twisted, young tissue most affected.
  • Cobalt: used for nitrogen fixation, same as nitrogen deficiency signs (stunted growth).
  • Copper: Young leaves dark green, twisted, wilted, tip remains alive.
  • Manganese: Chlorosis of young leaves, with smallest veins remaining green, necrosis between veins.
  • Molybdenum: Chlorosis, twisting, death of young leaves.
  • Zinc: Reduced leaf size, shortened internodes, chlorosis, spotted leaves, older leaves most affected.
  • Nickel: lack of germination or seed formation, required for iron absorption.

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