Ferplast Canary And Small Exotic Bird Cage Luna 2 Antique Brass - 44,5 X 25 X H 45,5 Cm

Sale priceDhs. 358.00


Luna 2 is a small cage with a rectangular base, ideal for birds like canaries or small exotic birds. The habitat has a nice retrò charm given by the special wire mesh finish: the metallic effect similar to brass gives the products a nice antique look that conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication. This innovative finishing method, completely ecologic, requires a double varnish finish with special powder, being more resistant to rust forming. The new range of bird cages Antique Brass, to which Luna 2 belongs, represents a step forward compared to previous brass cages thanks to the new innovative finishing method being completely ecologic: by purchasing a product in the range, you will be sure to have chosen a product with respect of the environment in mind.

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