Discus Soft Granules 200ml

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A balanced feed is the be-all and end-all in the breeding and keeping of discus fish. Only if they are optimally and completely supplied with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients do they grow in a balanced way, develop more beautiful colours and show a higher willingness to reproduce.

The Dennerle Discus Soft is a staple food in granulate form, with which you can provide your discus fish with great care! The nutritious granulate was specially developed for discus fish - it is biologically balanced and provides the "king of aquarium fish" with all the important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acids that it needs every day. Thanks to the special softening process, the granules are just as soft as Discus prey. This ensures a high level of acceptance, especially with the very selective discus fish.

Feed 2-3 times a day as much as the animals eat in 1 minute. Remove leftover food after 24 hours so that it does not linger in the aquarium and next time reduce the amount of food accordingly.

Our expert Chris Lukhaup recommends:

With the Discus Soft Feed, you can feed your darlings in a natural and species-appropriate way - because the soft feed grains resemble natural prey and are therefore eaten very readily!

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Discus Soft Granules 200ml for your aquarium.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 19, 2021