COLOMBO - Bacto Balls Start 500Ml

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Bacto contains a unique blend of special selected bacteria strains, which helps to achieve a quick and complete biological balance in your marine tank. When starting it is essential to establish a biological balance as quickly as possible to prevent an outbreak of unsightly algae. After the start we recommend to add Colombo Bacto weekly to maintain a thriving environment where fish and corals are at their best.

Bacto balls impregnated with the unique Colombo bacteria for marine aquariums. DNA screening techniques has been used to select the best strains. Use Bacto balls for clean and clear water, optimal biology, healthy corals and improved polyp expansion. Algae growth is also reduced and organic waste decomposed.

We recommend using 5-10 Marine Bacto Balls per 100 liters of water and to replace every seven days. You can easily add them to a mesh bag or other container that allows water to flow over and around them, but they do also make a small dispenser that you can place in the tank or sump. One good thing to note is that overdosing is not possible, as increasing the dosage actually improves its efficiency.

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