CHIHIROS - Wrgb II 45 (45cm-60cm)

Sale priceDhs. 560.00


  • Chihiros WRGB series LED is designed for planted aquarium. With Commander 4 controller, now you can simulate sunrise and sunset effect, customized spectrum intensity at each time point, hence do not require timer installation anymore!
  • We have International version which transformer quality is more superior, come with higher prices too.
  • Compatible withChihiros Commander 4.

    Chihiros LED System - Series WRGB II - 45
    Power consumption 49 W
    Luminous flux 3.600 Lumen

    WRGB II - 45
    Width 14 cm
    Length 45 cm
    Height 1,8 cm
    Suitable for tank size 45 - 60 cm
    Suitable for glass thickness up to 10 mm

     (Built in bluetooth Commander)

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